MIT Council for Math Majors

Who We Are

The Council for Math Majors (CoMM) is a student-run advocacy group in course 18 committed to amplifying undergraduate voices and opinions within the math department. CoMM gathers input from students to understand what parts of the undergraduate experience could benefit from revision, from best advising practices to resources available on the math department website. Then, CoMM collaborates with faculty and staff to suggest improvements and work towards department-wide solutions.

Currently, CoMM consists of 5 main project groups: Discussion Forums, Course 18 Roadmaps, Math Underground Guide, Undergraduate Advising, and Student Feedback. Learn more about our projects here.

Mission Statement

We believe that listening to student voices is key to improving the math department for undergraduates. Our mission is to amplify undergraduate issues and concerns and to initiate solutions to identified problems to improve the accessibility, community, and equity for undergraduates in Course 18. We tackle these issues through conversations with faculty and staff and projects that interface with the entire department.

Our Values

The Council for Math Majors (CoMM) is guided by our commitment to diversity, accessibility, equity, cooperation, respect, integrity, and empowering the student voice.

Our bylaws are here.

Accessibility at MIT