MIT Council for Math Majors

Currently, CoMM is working on the following primary projects. Feel free to reach out to us at if you have any feedback!

Student Feedback

Good, widespread feedback is the best way to work towards solutions. This project works on developing means to collect student opinion in order to better inform CoMM projects and share student needs with the department. This may be done through office hours, forms, and more.

Discussion Forums

This project works towards fostering student and faculty relationships by facilitating discussions on topics important to the student population.

Course 18 Roadmaps

One of the great parts of a math major is the endless flexibility it offers students. However, this often makes it difficult for new students to see paths for themselves through the major. CoMM is working with the department to create more informative course planning resources for undergraduates.

Undergraduate Guide

The Underground Guide is a collection of data from courses collected in past semesters so that all future students have access to the collective student wisdom. The data and testimonials are collected through survey information from end-of-semester subject evaluations. In addition, we are compiling advice columns to support students, first-years and beyond, in their journey through mathematics and MIT. CoMM and the UMA are working jointly on the infrastructure for this project, as well as expanding the guide to include all courses under the math department. Take a look at the underground guide here!

Undergraduate Advising

One unique part of the MIT Undergraduate experience is having faculty members serve as major advisors. However, knowing exactly how undergraduates want to be advised is a difficult task. So, CoMM aims to coordinate with faculty to come up with ways to improve the advising process and make clear what students can expect from their advisors.

Accessibility at MIT